Welcome to our class Wiki all about Norway! Over the next few weeks we will be covering the story of the development of Norway from the Vikings to 'the best country in the world to live' (UN 2007).


We are going to build this Wiki with our contributions. We are also going to comment and edit each other's work to ensure that it is of the highest quality.

Rules for the Wiki:

  1. You may only edit/comment on other people's work if you have contributed yourself.

  2. You should be sensitive and constructive in your editing and commenting.

  3. You should check your own work through before submitting for spelling and content.

  4. You should reference work which is based on prior research.

  5. Remember that everything you write and add can be read by teachers and anyone else!

Each week you will have a task to complete on the Wiki. It may a group task or an individual task, it may be class work or homework or both. You will need to kep up with these tasks - not only do we want to produce a Wiki to be proud of - of course, it affects your Social Studies grade.

Task List (updated as we go along):

  • Week 2 - Answer the question 'Is Norway the Best?' in 100 words using your own opinions.

  • Week 2 - Start Viking research task (for groups and details see blog)

  • Week 3 - Submit Viking research task and answer the question 'Were the Vikings good for Norway?' in 200-300 words using the information on the blog

  • Week 3 - In PAIRS answer the following questions based on information from the lesson Aim for about 200-300 words in total:

  1. How and when did the Black Death arrive in Norway?
  2. What were the symptoms of the Black Death and how did they spread?
  3. Why was the Black Death so catastrophic for Norway?

The answers to these questions are due on Wednesday of Week 4.

  • Week 4 - Write 150 words on the relationship between Norway, Denmark and Sweden 1380-1814

  • Week 6 - Write your answer to the following 'Explain whether you think that the 17th May is still a relevant celebration for Norway and whether we should still have it.' - aim for around 150 words

  • Week 12 - Choose one object which you think best represents Norway and explain in 200 words why you have chosen it.