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Is Norway the best country to live in? As far as my experiences go, Norway is one the safest and richest countries of the world, with only 3,5% of the popularity being unemployed.
Norway provides safety, good education and has products of high quality. Although, in my opinion Norway is the most BORING country a human being can live in. The population of people
is very small, and after living a active life in Norway for 4/5 years, you will most likely know a good 50% of the people in town. Norway is a healthy and peaceful country to live in, but only
if you're looking for a peaceful and calm life, and as far as I know, most teenagers aren't.
So to conclude, I can say that Norways is the safest and healthies country to live in, but not necessarily the best country to live in. It depends on what you're
looking for in a country.

Is Norway the best? For me personally, it is very hard to answer this question as I have not been to every single country in the world. Of course, to get a completely justifiable answer, you would have to have done this. But, I will have to speak from the experience I have, and the answer I can then give is, in some ways.
Norway is a great country, and very good to live in but it still has a lot to catch up on; in the world of technology, for example, Norway is a bit of a left-behind and definitely could improve. However, when you compare it to most of the world, Norway is actually not that far behind. In fact, we are very far ahead compared to most of the world, and you could actually say it's rather selfish to say that. It's just that, when you compare it to some big countries like England and America, we do have some areas we can improve on. So, in some ways, or possibly overall, Norway is the best, but we can always get better.

Is Norway the best?
So, is Norway the best? Well in my personal experience, it’s one of many better countries. It is not possible for it to be the best simply because as with all countries, Norway stumbles across problems and faults. There are many other stunning countries which share and lack similar properties with Norway.

Norway for instance is notorious for its beautiful landscapes and welcoming population but it lacks modern interface with its small remote towns and cities.
From personal experience, Norway is months behind in technology compared to the more densely populated countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

To conclude, Norway is a really amazing country but collides with other countries when it comes to pros and cons. There are many advantages to moving to Norway like the great outdoors and generally a better life with little crime but there are also negatives such as not modernly updated and could be decribed as a bit primitve. Norway is one of the best countries but not the best.


Is Norway the best
Norway has now been nominated the safest country to live in for many years in a row and Norway has very high living standard together with the fact that Norway is one of the richest countries in the world thanks to oil, but is Norway the best country to live in?

Norway is seen as the safest country to live in, but they go a bit after life expectancy and how good education people have, of coarse they also look at the crime rate, but fact is that Norway has a small crime rate and not many enemy countries which makes Norway very safe to live in.

Norway is one of the riches countries in the world with only 3,5% of the population out jobs. A poor person in Norway is not a person who doesn't have food or shelter, but who can't afford a car and avacation to Spain. Although Norway is extremely rich it's also a country which literally robs you in taxes with taking almost 50% of your income.

Norway has a high standard of living thanks to some facts, it's hardly any crime or murders, the medical help is high in Norway and people in Norway live a healthy and good life which makes them live for along time. People in general can all expect to live at least over 70 years in Norway if you have a normal life.

So Norway is maybe a lovely country to live in with high safety and long living expediency, but if you want to live in Norway you need to have good money since everything you can buy in Norway will be shockingly expensive.

Is Norway the best country to live in? Nah. Personally, I think a bunch of humbug. Sure, it might
rated as one of the best, by sudden interest for the sudden oil that has been found, but certainly not the best. Like George says, there are a lot of countries that have our "cons" and we have their pros". For example: As we learned from the video from Mrs. Jones, we have repeatedly been told we have the most beautiful land in the world, and we have hell a lot of space too. Yet we don't seem to use this space considering we have incredible amounts of "land" but no "city". Technology wise, we're quite well off, but we will never be able to outsource overpopulated countries like China and Japan. They're the brains in the world, let's face facts. Personally, it's not the greatest country to live in either, especially for those whom look/are foreign. I've been spat at (by accident or not I'll never know) and told to go back to where I came from. Well screw Norway then. According to the world I'm a Norwegian citizen, and I have as many rights/privileges as the ones whom are "fully" Norwegian. So concluding, Norway is certainly not the best country, considering what it lacks; common sense and some technology + usage of land. Thank you.

Is Norway really the best country to live in?
Norway, 'the best country in the world', with it's beautiful scenery, higher than standard life expectancy, low unemployment rates, little crime, and a stable economy, is the home of approximately 4.6 million people. Despite the blistering cold winters, and a lot of harsh weather, I am lucky to live in a place like Norway, and as for me, I could not imagine living anywhere else but here.
Many dream of moving to major world renowned cities, such as New York City, London, or perhaps the warm streets of Madrid or Barcelona, without really bothering to realise what a great country Norway is. -
The grass is always greener on the other side. We do not have beaches, we do not have Broadway, and we certainly to do not have Empire State Building, but what we do have are favourable living conditions, as well as a low population density, which I feel plays a role in why Norway is, and always will be, 'the best country in the world'.


If I should share my own opinion of whether Norway is the best country in the world or not, I wont be able to answer that question because I haven't been all around the world and watched different countries and climates. I can though say that my opinion of Norway is that it's a very beautiful country, or the nature is very beautiful. I enjoy winter and snow and mountain climbing compared to many others, so Norway seems like a perfect country for me, but not everyone shares my point of view.

So, if Norway is the best country in the world? That has to be based upon a persons personal opinion of the country, and mine is that Norway is a good country, but might not be the best.

Is Norway the best country to live in? You can say that the majority thinks so, but there is always someone who disagrees. There are many “pros” and “cons” to Norway. One of the major pros is that it has a beautiful landscape and nature. But how does this help when the majority of people live in cities? A example of a con is that everything in Norway is very expensive, but this doesn't matter (Not for Norwegians at least) because they get paid more, they can afford it! Personally I think that the rural areas are absolutely beautiful, but the cities look like any other city in the entire world. “Is Norway the best country to live in?” is highly debatable.

Is Norway the BEST country?

I have only lived in Norway for about 4 1/2 years, and I have never run into any 'serious' problems(politics, economical/financial, nature catastrophes) of this country. Comparing the average life of a Norwegian and a Thai, there are huge differences. A person in Norway probably has at least one TV, one car, a house, possible a cabin, two pairs of skis, a closet stuffed with clothes, their own room, video games, ect... A Thai person has perhaps a little house shared with many family members(grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousin...), enough food to feed everyone but not enough to make everybody full, an electric fan, and normally an ancient TV with one channel of Thai soaps.
Now, if you had to choose between these two life I'm certain you would choose a Norwegian one. But even though a Norwegian life is filled with every object you could possibly want, is it filled with happiness? In Norway there is the constant pressure of wearing new, stylish, and expensive clothes, wearing the perfect makeup, having the newest video game and console, and being able to go shopping at least once a week. If you don't fill these standards, there is a huge chance you will be looked down at and frozen out from groups. Does this really sound like the best country to live in? In Thailand there are less 'things' but there is a simplicity and relaxing pace of life, acceptance you no matter how you are, and they share whatever they have.
Norway might have more 'stuff' but I think it lacks the basic happiness and appreciation of life.

Is Norway the best country to live in?
As I have lived in Norway my whole life, I have nothing to compare it to. My opinion of Norway is that it's a great country to live in. As Norway is very far up north most of the seasons are cold, but in the summer season Norway can be a very pleasant place to live, as the temperature is much warmer and usually not uncomfortably warm.
Norway's poverty is very low and there aren't many super-rich people either so the "community" I reckon is really good. I think Norway is the best country to live in as I've always lived here.

Is Norway the best country to live in?
Well, Norway is a rich country and there is no war. This immediately makes Norway a good country to live in, but if it is the best or not. I simply have to say I don't know. I have never lived in another land, so that makes me incapable of knowing that. I like to live in Norway and I have a good life, but I don't know if I would have a better life in England..? But at times Norway can do really weird things like not joining EU, we still have to pay, but we don't get anything back! I am happy in Norway, except from when it is freakishly cold!

"Is Norway the best?"
Many have tried to answer this question, but the truth is that it completely depends on what aspect of a person's life you are talking about.
If talking about wealth and the standard of living, Norway would easily rank amongst the top ten. However, when talking about quality of life, it might be a completely different story. Having traveled to countless places in the world - London, Marbella, Marrakech, Lisbon and Paris to mention only a few - I've seen not one, not two, but countless sides to the story.
In London this past December, as I walked down Oxford Street with my mum, I saw people lying in tattered sleeping bags outside stores, trying to sleep . I'll never know what they were thinking, but perhaps one of those, or even more, were simply wishing to freeze to death before morning came, seeing no other way to escape their cruel lifestyles. Comparing their quality of life to mine, I would say that I'm one of the luckiest kids in the world. I have everything: family, a roof over my head, a good education and pocket money to spend - not to mention all the other extras!
What I'm trying to say is that, the way I see it, it depends on what kind of a person you are. If you're 15 or 16 years old, and have been to other countries such as London or New York - and have only seen the way the upper class lives - you might wish that you could live there. If you're in your 70's and 80's you might wish to live in a warm and sunny place such as Spain, where you don't have to worry about your car not starting because of the freezing temperatures and mounds of snow. Then again, if you're a poor person living in Thailand (as Maren said), our lifestyles are idyllic, the perfect lives.
I often miss my life in Spain, but not because of the apartment I lived in, or because of what my sister would refer to as the 'perfect climate'. For me, Norway - or Trondheim, to be specific - is the perfect place to live: I have the freedom of being able to go around town and the surrounding area, I live in a safe neighbourhood, and I'm getting a good education, as well as having the knowledge that I have a bright future. So yes, to me Norway is the best place in the world to live, for it combines beautiful landscape with modern technology, education and an excellent quality of life in general, for both teenagers and the elderly.

I haven't been around the world, but I have been in many countries, and Norway isn't the best looking, but it has good living standards compared to the city I live in Tunisia. Here in Norway the government pays for or helps you to get an education, a house, your health and etc., but in Tunisia, if you're uneducated, you probably have to be working with building houses, and you you'll only get about 25 kroner a day, and you would also be living in the house you are building if you don't have any family.
Off course we have beautiful nature and lot's of landescape, but look at our cities, they're not so beautiful, but they are better than many other places in the world.

Well I personally think Norway is a good place to live. Almost free education, medical help and emergency support. They are like supporting you from when you were born until you are dead. The prices of products are unusually high compared to other countries, but after all that support we get from the country I think it’s fair enough. Well the weather is cold, but the good thing is that air and water is clear as nowhere else in this world. Low amount of pollution makes this place ALMOST a perfect place to live for human beings. So.. lets talk about economy. Well we got a running oil “bunnen” of sea so I think I will have a wonderful life. Not really my problem if it runs out. By the time it happens am dead anyway. So my conclusion is…. Yes! Norway is a good place to live. Just get yourself used to the weather. Beside s there is nothing like bad weather, only bad clothing.

Is Norway really the best place to live?
In 2009, the UN has decided that the best country to live in choosing by the whole world, is Norway. But why is that? There are 4.6 million people living in Norway which means that we have a lot of space and plenty room for more immigrants, visitors and tourists. We have a big alternative for good living conditions; education, childhood and work as well as a home for every person. There isn't many people you see on the streets that you can see is homeless. Some are but the most are not. Norway is a wealthy country filled with suggestions for healt and medical care as well.

The conclusion for all of this is that if you're ever going to Norway then it is a high chance that your expectations will be met by all that's waiting for you here in Norway. Norway also have got a beautiful nature if any taorists are interested. So, Norway is pretty much the land of opportunities!


When Norway found oil and gas, their lives changed. Their economy and budget rose and got stronger. After this, Norway became a rich country. Also socialism had a big impact which changed the style of living in Norway.

One of the best things in Norway is that they got a lot of money because of selling oil and gas, also they have saved money for the future. The second thing is that because of socialism everyone is fed, has money and everyone has a house, even people who don't work.

Anyway, I think this is a very good system in Norway. All the people have a job, money and a house. All the people are happy and having a good time. It is beautiful nature and fresh air here, but it is so cold and there is not always much to do except to go fishing or go out on a trip in cold weather, but it is a good place to live generally.


The UN has elected Norway as the most prosperous country in the whole world for the 5th year. But what is the reason for this? One f the reasons is definitely the oil and Norway's economy. We are the 3rd largest oil exporter in the world. Most of the money from the oil is saved and invsted in a fund for the day when the oil runs out.

Another reason why Norway is elected as the bet country in the world is because of the nature. Norway is known for being a 'winter wonderland' with beautiful nature. Norwegians are known for being outdoor people. Norway is also known for its health system which is one of the best in the world. It is the same with education. Everybody has a rght to an education and in Norway the education is free. This is why so many people want to come to Norway.

Basically these are the reasons that Norway is elected the best country in the world, and why so many people dream of visiting or moving to Norway.

If you compare Norway to other countries in this world, it is clearly one of the best and safest countries to live in. You are free to choose your religion and where you want to live, what school you want to go on and what to study. Norway is really one of the best countries to live and stay in. No matter where you come from or in what you believe others won't treat you as an outsider just because of your hair color or that you are adopted.

But may be it's exactly this what makes the country so plain boring. There does never happen anything really exciting or interesting. If you are the kind of person wanting to have fun and experience something exciting, you should not live in Norway!


Is Norway the best country?
This question is hard to answer since the qualities of a country vary from person to person.
Norway is a very nice country to grow up in since there is not much criminality and the schools are free and there are many activities to do in the free time.
On the other hand it is not a very captilistic country, so it is hard to make a fortune grow fast, because of the income tax which is contributed to a good cause, to the poor, but not all of them use it well, many of them use it on drugs, beer and cigarets instead of trying to start to make a living out of it.
I think Norway is country for the young and the old, because of the pension money and school support, but for the people who have got a job and trying to make a frotune out of it it is better to live in a more capitalistic country.
Also Norway is a bit behind in technology so it might be a bit slow on al the newest things.

"Is Norway the best?"... well, this depends on the way that you think. Norway helps out their citizens by giving them health care and benefits, and they provide excellent public education. The crime rate and poverty rate is very low here, so you won't be the victim of a crime or end up on the streets (unless you REALLY try to). Norway also has a great landscape, and there is a lot of snow in Winter for people who like it. You can even see a northern light if you're lucky, and in the summer, the sun will be out through the night.
However, Norway has its cons. It is somewhat enclosed from the rest of the world, like with new things and trends arriving later than other parts of Europe. This also means that there aren't that many intresting things to do, so life can get pretty boring here. There is nothing new, no excitement. Also, Norway is a hard place to live in if you're a foreigner. Foreigners (people of color) may sometimes be treated as a poor, unintellignet, inferior person, especially when they can't speak norwegian. Though most Norwegian can speak good english, everything in Norway goes on in Norwegian and if you don't know it, it's hard to fit into society. In that way, countries like America and Britain might be "better" because they have the latest things and all the excitement, and there are many foreigners.
In conclusion, I think that Norway is the most comfortable country to live in, but not the "best". Norway assures a high standard of life and is very safe to live in, but it lacks the fun that some other countries have. If you like living peacefully near nature, away from all the conflicts in other countries, with a high quality of life, Norway is the country for you. If you instead like to go live in a more mixed, exciting place with more people and more things, Norway isn't the place for you (also people who don't like the cold). Norway offers comfort but not pizzaz.

Norway is a country with a low population of 4,7 million. It has a low rate of crimes and danger in scarce, making Norway one of the first places to go for immigrants searching for a better and easier life. The beautiful landscapes Norway has to offer appeal to people of all ages, thus more and more people move to Norway. Today, a big part of Norwegian population is made up of immigrants, which makes Norway a more international country, which helps to include people into the society. This makes it easier for people to have confidence and get jobs.
Along with a pleasant society to live with, the payment from jobs isn't as bad as Norwegians tend to say. Since Norway is doing so well with its oil business, it can afford to give workers more money than that in most other countries. However, since shops price their goods at a much higher price than in other countries, it doesn't give Norwegians much of an advantage, though it does keep the economy going.
Unlike in many other countries, there is no war nor terrorism in Norway.
Norwegians were fortunate enough to find oil close to their own country, and having enough water to be able to create electricity, and compared to big industrial countries such as USA or China, Norway has been able to maintain pollution at a low rate and keep the air clean in most places.
With all this, it is fair to say that Norway is indeed the best country in the world to live in.