Here is where you write your 100 word summary about Norway in World War Two. There should be 1 entry from each group. Please include a heading and names.


(I was not here when you decided the groups for this task so I'll just be in my own group.)
1. September 1939 Norway declared itself neutral from the war but this would not last long. Twelve days later after the declaration a Norwegian ship called "Rhonda" was bombed by German forces and about a half year later (1. April 1949) Hitler gave the permission to attack Norway. Later in April German ships were heading for Norway and it all started. 14. February 1942 1100 got arrested for protesting against the Nazis taking over the schools. 25. October - 26. November the same year the Nazis began to collect Jews and sending them to the concentration camps. In 1945 the war ended and the 7. June the royal family returned to Norway with cheeres.

The Norwegian Resistance began after Operation Weserbüng during the occupation of Norway in 1940. Some of the purposes that the Norwegian Resistance had were to ensure the legitimacy of the exiled Norwegian government, and to give an initial defence to the southern parts of Norway, which enabled the governments safe escape. Sabotaging were
another Norwegian Resistance, and probably fun too. Imagine the adrenaline rush. During
the whole war Norwegian citizens were often hidden in Sweden, and secretively trained
military-wise. The first mass break of civil disobedience was in the autumn of 1940, which
were also one more of many tasks for the Norwegian Resistance.
Poem by Leo:

The Resistance brave and strong!
They fought on for so long,
thus their courage rightfully belonged
to the people whom ran along!

Braver than the very soldier of Hong Kong,
whom lived in the forbidden city oh so Kwong.
They were just and honest, fought along,
they had the sense of right and wrong.

They bombed, they sabotaged, they screwed, they annihilated,
they didn't win us the war, but they certainly put up a fight instead!
Many were killed, many were injured,
Jesus Christ they certainly were inspired!

Their final approach engraved in the mind,
sought out to locate, the DNA that died.
They fought for freedom, they fought for their country,
in the end we won, it all was very awry.
(Group 5)

An hour before midnight 8th of April 1940, the Norwegian security vessel "Pol III" was on a patrol in the Oslo fjord, when it discovered unidentified ships in the horizon. A few minutes later it was shot at by a German torpedo boat. The invasion of Norway had started.

They managed to invade three towns, Trondheim, Oslo and Narvik, the allied try to help Norway but 9th of June the country has to surrender. The germans had a effective method called Blitzkrieg, and they used booby traps.
Germany was finally defeated 8th of May 1945 and the main war ends.

(Jessica, Anna, Kevin, Patrick)

Axel and Ayoub (Group 1):

Norway was invaded by Germany April 9, 1940. Germany invaded using Blitzkrieg, where they attack without warning at night, first bombing with aeroplanes to cause chaos, then going in with tanks, and finally with troops. They invaded Oslo, Trondheim and Narvik. Allied troops arrived 14 April, to try to help Norway. The Nazis were defeated 28 May, however, the Allies couldn't hold the victory because they were needed in France. Norway surrendered to Germany June 10. On 20 September, Josef Terboven took control of Norwegian. 1940-42, Norway sent aeroplanes and ships to help fight in Britain.
Norway was taken back when Norwegian troops arrived from Britain November-December 1944.

Julie (group 4):
In October 1944 the German 19th Mountain corps was in Russia. They wanted to reach Lakselv by November 15 but the combined Soviet 14th Army and Northern fleet drove the Germans back towards Kirkenes. The Germans destroyed the town before fighting the Soviets near Munkelv and Neiden around October 27, but ended up retreating to Tanafjord.
On October 25, 1944, the Norwegian forces in Britain joined the Soviet forces in Murmansk in entering northern Norway. “Operation Crofter” was successful on November 10, and the Germans were retreating despite laying down booby traps and mines along the way. Finnmark was proclaimed free on April 26 and the Germans capitulated on May 8, 1945