Here is where you should write your conclusion of 200-300 words answering the question 'WERE THE VIKINGS GOOD FOR NORWAY?'.

Look through the research completed by the class on this Wiki.

Then think about:

Has Norway benefited from the Viking passion for exploration?
Has Norway benefited from the Viking way of organising society (e.g. Tings)
What about Viking violence towards other countries? Has Norway learned from this?
What traditions did the Vikings give modern Norway? What about language?

John Christian

Despite the plundering made by the Vikings during medieval times, the Viking period was probably one of the most proud ages in Norwegian history. Not only were they the fierce warriors which modern interpretations depict them as, but they were also outstanding sailors and explorers, as well as possessing technological ingenuity at the time. The Vikings also invented the ancient runic alphabet, Futhark, and after their many plundering in Britain, left many linguistic marks on the English language. No less than a thousand words have proven to be of Scandinavian influence, many of which have sk-sounds, such as skirt, sky and skin. Other words originating from Scandinavian influence include: landing, score, beck, fellow, take, busting, steersman, again, awkward, birth, cake, fog, gasp, law, freckles, root, scowl, and sister. In addition to these many common English words, many locations in England bear Norse or Scandinavian names, such as Grimsby, Naseby and Whitby, (the term by meaning town.) These many feats by the Vikings put Norway on the map.
One could say that Norwegians’ passion for exploration has been passed down generations, proven by great explorers and pioneers such as Roald Amundsen and Fritjof Nansen. However, there were many great Norwegian explorers many centuries before Amundsen and Nansen, such as Leif Erikson, who discovered America many hundreds of years before Columbus. Another thing we have kept from the Vikings was democratic conduct. The Vikings had councils and meetings called ‘ting’s, which was where they solved problems, similar to the way we do now. One does not have to dig deep to find traces of the Vikings in the modern country in which we live. The Vikings may have had a negative impact on Northern Europe during medieval times, but they were most definitely good for Norway!

Studied the vicking thoroughly but still the question remains. Were the Vikings good for Norway???
I personally would answer that question with a ”YES!” In a way the norweigns learned that violence is not the key answer to victory, therefore today, Norway is one of the most peaceful countries in Europe. They do not seek victory with violence, but with wise words and actions.
The Vikings also left back the spirt of exploration which still runs in every Norweign’s blood. The will of not only looking at the surface but going deep in depth. Taking risks proudly no matter what the out come is because in the end all that matters is the fact that they actually tried.
Norweigns also carry out a democratic monarchy, which shows another trate they have learned from the vikings. Back then the vikings had ’tings’ , were all men gather to talk about politics, land, punishments and crime. Which shows technically democracy is a slightly different way.
My point is, even thought the Viking Age was such a violent period of time. They were still good for Norway in plenty of ways. The ones i listed above are just a few. They left back alot of things that Norway grew up on and learned from, wether to do or not to. The Vikings are good for Norway
Were the viking good for Norway?

After studying the vikings thoroughly, their daily lives, their history, they weaponry, their food, their quests, ect... I think we all have a pretty good idea what the vikings were like. But were they good for Norway?
Norway is today perhaps one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Not only do we have peace in our own country, but we also help promote peace in other countries. Yet this seems to go against what the vikings did. Did we maybe learn that violence is not the best option in the end? Or maybe we simply let our all our aggression out during the viking age.
The vikings had 'tings', were all men gathered to discuss land, politics, crime and punishment, ect... And Noway still uses that idea, although it is slightly different, we still use democracy and let everybody have freedom of speech.
Norwegians have always had exploration in their blood, this has been proved by both the vikings and modern day explorers. From Leif Eriksson to Roald Amunsend and Fritiof Nansen, we have gained much knowledge and fame. Once upon a time we even owned Greenland and Iceland, all thanks to the vikings. Even though the vikings lived such a long time ago, they gave us the will to explore, question and love the nature around us.
The vikings had a very intruding language, unfortunately due to many unions and interferences from other countries, we have lost our native language. We can however observe the ancient speech at the Færøyene. The traditions of the vikings have also decayed, although our passion to explore and be active in nature is still great.
In conclusion I would say that yes, the vikings were good for Norway. We have learned both what to not to do, attack and raid other countries, and what to do, have democratise. I don't think Norway would ever have been the same without the vikings, and we should be proud to have descended from them.


Were vikings good for Norway ?

I personally think that vikings were good for Norway because they made a big step into the history and they made Norway as vikings. They made history for Norway and actually Norwegian people were vikings, but there is many reasons that vikings were good for Norway. First reason was that Vikings explored America, Island, England and other places. They were the first people who explored America. They even were in Turkey. That is amazing to go so far with boat in old times, but they made it and maybe if they didn't explore Island. Island maybe wouldn't be a country, but the point is that they were notorious explorers what Norway should be proud of. Other reason was that vikings did not fight with each other when they had problem with each other. They did discuss it like civilized people. If 2 man were fighting for a women, they wouldn't kill each other. They would go to community and discuss it in Ting. That traditions went to Norway and now it is ' Storting hus' where politics are discussing about policy in Norway and what Norway would do and it is 'tinghus' where people are discussing about conflicts. So vikings actually gave community idea to Norwegians. Also vikings gave North-German language to whole Scandinavia. What we speak now is related to vikings language. So if it wasn't vikings, we would maybe speak Finnish or something, it is hard to say. Vikings were people who used violence on other countries and people. They were always in war with someone, but thank god that now Norway is friend with all countries . Norway now live in friendly way and don't behave like vikings.

Vikings were good for Norway because they passed their language, behavior, history and life style what made Norway success in this days. Norway is a rich, stable and good country who is friends with all countries, but the biggest thing what vikings gave to Norway is that they made Norway known as vikings and Norway should be proud of it.


Were the Vikings good for Norway? (conclusion)

So, were the Vikings good for Norway? Norway has benefited from Viking exploration as the Vikings were traders, they traded spices and materials which are still available in Norway to this current day. There is but one problem though. The Vikings have earned themselves a less respectful reputation with a history of brutality and blood thirsty rampage. It's not worth the goods (which could have been discovered later) just to get a bad name afterwards.

The Vikings helped contribute to an organised society with 'Tings'. This is a respectable idea and has helped our modern day society but it didn't help them, Norway is still stereotyped as the 'Viking country' which goes by a bad name. The problem with the Vikings is, they not only got a bad reputation for them selves but a bad reputation for Norway as a country. There violence against other countries is still a scar in history which cannot be fixed or changed.

As far as language goes, the Vikings have encouraged many of their names onto modern Norwegians. They have helped develop the start of the written Norwegian language - well the concept of noting down speech into written form (in the form of Runes) - which has been really successful.

To conclude my conclusion on the Vikings, and from the research I have done, I can clearly say that the Vikings didn't do Norway any favours, they were brutal savages who destroyed everything and they have become a shameful part of Norwegian history. For all the good they have brought to Norway, it is overlooked by a dark past which will stay with all Norwegians for the rest of their lives.

Were the Vikings good for Norway?
In my own opinion I would say that, yes, the Vikings were good for Norway. As the Vikings were
great explorers the Norwegians have inherited the curiosity for the unknown. Norwegians have travelled to the North and South pole, with little more technology than the Norwegian Vikings, proving that we are no worse than our forefathers in the way of exploration.
The Vikings had meetings called Tings. Which now has evolved into the Tinghus were decisions are made, as in the Tings.
Norway has learned from the violence the Vikings had towards other countries, Norway today is is a leader in Peace and Peace-keeping. They distribute the Nobel's Peace prize every year which proves that Norway tries to be a peaceful country and help other countries reach peace.
The Vikings have passed on some traditions to the modern Norwegians. Traditions in food are well kept. The fishing culture and farming culture in Norway, originated from the Vikings and is a well kept tradition in Norway. The Norwegian language has evolved quite a bit since the Viking time. The language has been mixed with Danish, Swedish and German. The alphabet is no longer the Norse alphabet Fathurk, but the Latin one. Some words in Norwegian is still similar to some Norse ones. In conclusion I would say that the Vikings indeed were good for Norway.

In my opinion, Norway did not gain anything useful or valuable from the Vikings.
But the Vikings did help to structure Norway from the bottom. The Vikings created and found things that are still used by our generation. So therefore, it's safe to say that the Vikings ''started us off'' towards life in Norway. Even now a days, there are many people in Norway (mostly people living out of town) whom live like the Vikings did. I am referring to things like using a set of wool clothes under their usual set of clothes, so they don't freeze during the winter.

But one of the biggest problems the Vikings caused for Norway, was their rude and disgraceful behaviour, which gave people a image of ''blood thirsty rampage'' towards Norway. The Vikings were violent, and would go so far to kill people just to get what they wanted. This has made the outside world be less respectful towards Norway and it's culture, than they should be.

To conclude, I don't think the Vikings helped Norway in any other way than to structure their way of life and living.

Has Norway benefited from the Viking passion for exploration? Well, that depends on how you define "benefited", we haven't gained anything in specific, but we haven't lost anything ether. Norwegians have a love for seeing things beyond the horizon so to speak, this is part of the Viking heritage and can be called a benefit, at least by Norwegians and people who like to see Norwegians but don't like to travel.
Has Norway benefited from the Viking way of organization? That, again, depends upon how you define "benefited", we have gained the "stor tinge" but I am sure that someone thinks that this is not only positive. But it does organize the country so I am going to leave this question as a "yes"!
Has Norway learned anything from the Viking violence towards other countries? Norway focuses on brining peace to other countries, but it also (apparently) sells weapons. Norway has learned something from the Viking ways, but it has also gained a bad stereotypical image.
What traditions have been carried along from the Viking age? Well, there are many things! The country itself is one, also living in rural areas and a lot of the language! Yes Norway has definitely carried a lot of things over from the Viking times, without knowing, probably.
The Vikings have indeed been good for Norway, they have learned what not to do, and they have gained some interesting traditions. Yes it is difficult to say that the Vikings were bad for Norway. Unless stereotypical images count of course...
That concludes my conclusion of the Viking age.
Thank you...

Some people might say that Vikings was the best that ever happened to Norway and that they were the ones that made Norway civilised. That they got Norway to order in their own special way. I agree with this conclusion. The Vikings might have been violent in some ways but they were the ones who came up with the idea to work in a organised society. The Vikings had something called Tings and we have Stortinget. Stortinget helps us staying civilised and even if we disagree with each other, we can still come to an agreement if that is necessary, which in most cases it is.

The Vikings travelled a lot around the world trying to explore what really was waiting out there. They would build big ships and travel all around the world. When the Vikings still existed, they thought that the Earth was flat. This was a very huge disadvantage because they would have been afraid of where they might have ended up. Maybe they would reach the end of the world and everybody would die.

First question: Nah. I don't see any way we have benefited from the fact that (possibly) the Vikings explored places like America. I mean, it's not like we own the * country anyway? Anyway, even if the Vikings really were the first, I don't feel a lot of pride. Pride for me is something you achieve on your own through success, not through an accident of birth. Next question!

The Vikings did get us the Tinghus et cetera, fine. All good, applauds to the vicious Vikings. But really, what good has government ever done us? Really? Seriously? The Vikings getting us a little "system" might be good, doesn't mean it can't be better. Today's goverment for all I know who resides at the "Tinghus" might be stroking me every day of my life for all I know. Fact is, we may never know! But enough today, how about then. Has it helped? I can't answer that fully. Because we don't know what it would be like without the stuff they contributed with, like the Tinghus.

We proud Norwegians must ask ourselves this: what methods do we rely on when all else fails? Violence! This isn't something the Vikings taught us, it's human nature! If anyone is going to stick their head out and say "Well maybe we have learned not to be by looking at the Vikings", go stick your head back in the sand. We were violent before, after and when the Vikings existed. Norway as a country has certainly not learned. Norway sells weapons by the hundreds every day to countries like, you guessed it, America. What do they go to? Blowing people's heads of in Afghanistan, for no real purpose. So in my opinion, the Vikings may have given us a word called "Berserk" but decreased the amount of violence? I doubt it.

Traditions! Now finally we got something to talk about. We sure have traditions from these fellows! One of which is preserving food, which factories do for us these days. Another is giving us language like "Berserk" and giving us our precious Tinghus who helps us out through thick and thin.

In my opinion, Norway has benefited from the Vikings in most ways, and not so much in a few others. When
you think about it though, isn't that kind of a weird statement? I mean, because, really, the Vikings WERE Norway! It's like saying, "are Americans good for America?", but really, what would America be without? I suppose what the question really is trying to
say is "Were the Vikings a good influence on modern Norways society". So that is the question I will answer.

As I said earlier, I think Norway has benefited from the Vikings in some ways, but not so much in others. For example, we have probably benefited a lot from their passion for exploration, as there have been many famous Norwegian explorers, and this number is actually quite extraordinary large when you compare it to how many people actually live in Norway. Without the Vikings, we probably wouldn't have
have all the great Norwegian explorers like Roald Amundsen, Thor Heyerdahl and Tormod Granheim.
What about their way of organising society? Norway has quite an early history of democracy, and things like the "Tinghus" have probably been a good thing for modern Norwegian democracy and way of living.
Viking violence against other countries has however, probably not been a very good thing for Norway. In a way I guess you could say we have learned a lesson from it, but it has probably mostly just given us a bad name in other countries, at least in in earlier times.
Last, but not least, we have the traditions. What traditions have we really gotten from Viking Norway? Things like names, language and written language are all things we owe to the Vikings, and some of them we should be happy for, and others probably don't matter very much. On one hand, we have the names, which don't really make much of a difference one way or the other, but on the other hand we have the written language, which has probably benefited us and prepared us for the modern Norwegian we have today.

In conclusion have the Vikings been good for Norway? In most ways, they have, like giving us great explorers and written language, but things like them invading other countries have probably not made us very popular. However, we should be grateful for them existing, because when you think about, it, if they hadn't existed, we wouldn't be alive today, and they have overall been a good influence on modern Norweigan society.


Were vikings good for Norway?

Were vikings good for Norway? Today, Norway is known as most peaceful country in the world. But only a couple hundred years ago they were blood thirsty warriors. So the question is, are we the same?
Or were all the blood splatter in vein? Lets come up with some “negative” stuff vikings left over to us.
They gave us bad reputation because of all the “rape and pillage” they've been doing for a couple years. they “destroyed” most of the empires around the Europe. Which made many people around the Europe very very angry. Now they spend most of their money on UN and helping other nations trying to hide their past. Even if the boiling barbarian blood is almost gone the blood of adventures still remains. Norwegian people have reached further than any other mankind. They were first one who reached South pole for the first time. They traveled around the globe and raped even more people.. Which is probably not true.

So the vikings is kinda good and bad.
Norway has benefited in some way from the Vikings, in culture and daily life. They have maid themselves known through several plunder trips and are very popular today. You can find national parks and other areas in Norway were you see how the houses of these people looked and how they lived. They were very well known for their longboat ships which could travel very fast and far. Else there isn't so much left of the Viking culture today. Mainly people living far out on the country side do still live in the Viking ''style''.

But the Vikings still helped to make Norway what it is today, and structured it with their special way of living. One thing you also still can find today are names from the Viking age. Many people have names which they used at that time.

Leif Eriksson was/ is one of the most known Vikings, because he travelled as far as America and explored the land.

Another thing Norway had from the Vikings was the Christianity, the Vikings brought it to Norway and teached other people this religion. Many people still keep to this religion today, and are loyal to the Christianity. Also some still believe in the ''Norrøn Mytthologi'' but it is not s well known anymore.


“Were the vikings good for Norway?”

The vikings were very violent in their way of being. They stole treasures, violated people and killed to conquer land. And we think it all started at Lindisfarne, sometime in June 793. They were normal people, like farmers. But it had to be rather boring to wait for the seeds to grow. The vikings were simply looking for adventure, something new. The vikings did somethings that was quite harsh and rather unnecessary, but they did good things as well, smart things. Like how to communicate and write, they spoke dönsk tunga which is the root of the scandinavian language today and they had an alphabet called futhork.

No one know exactly how Norway would have been without the Vikings, but I think that if the vikings never were, Norway would probably be less brave, and wouldn't have seen as much as we have seen of the world. The vikings did travel all over the world by ships. They got inspiration from all over the world and took the ideas they got from others and used it to form something for their country. They were brave and had lots of strength. I know that Norway is a great country, and he Vikings probably had a great impact on us. So yes, I believe the vikings were good for Norway.

Throughout Norwegian history, Norway has had more than one explorer, most of them travelled to cold poles, and these genes might come from the Vikings. We travel a lot, and many businesses chose to go abroad and expand their business. The Vikings had different ways of solving conflicts, for example the ting which is still in usage today, they gathered together and did not give up before everyone had come to an agreement. Norway does not use violence whilst trying to help or enter new countries, Norway might not be a country which still wants to own another country, and getting it by being violent. Norway might on the other hand be quite quick when it comes to sending out military forces to other countries in war or need. For example the red cross which brings their portable hospital to Haiti, maybe there's an old instinct in each Norwegian which wants to make things good again with other cultures.
Norway has indeed kept some of the traditions from the Vikings, going on long business travels around the world, eating a lot of fish and meat, and giving us the language known as Norwegian for us today. Having big feasts and celebrating the newest robbery, might not be as common today, but having good food on a day on good business might be a case.

So if the Vikings were good for Norway? Yes in some cases they were, Norway might have kept some of the instincts and their ability to take care of themselves throughout fishing and farming. So, yes.

Where the Vikings good for Norway or not? The vikings were thief's which stole from many towns and cities around the coast especially around England and France which only would make Norway more hated, but the Vikings also did stuff which benefited Norway. The vikings were the first people who made it to get Norway together to one country, before there were many small tribes which constantly fought with each other. With experience I can say that tribes in modern Africa still exist and make small wars which Norway avoided thanks to the Vikings. The Vikings also made rules in their society instead of just following their own rules out control, there were made rules which has ever since then staid in Norway, so our rules is also thanks to Vikings. The Vikings were the first people to establish traide routes with other countries like England which ever since then has been a known trading route, benefiting Norway with materials and other important stuff ever since. The Vikings were also very good farmers, which has helped Norway during time with making the land the Vikings used available for us today. Not to forget that the Vikings had token a loot of land from Sweden which we lost again later, but the fact that the Vikings made Norway bigger is still there.
To say it in quick words maybe the Vikings made us Norwegians known as murder machines who came and stool everything they saw, but they have really helped a incredible loot in making what Norway is today. I say YES the Vikings have helped Norway become what it is today. think of it, if we had skipped the viking age we could still have tribes, not have any law, no traide routes. to say it maybe we would not really be on the map for many countries before long after the Viking age.

Where the Vikings good for Norway or not? The vikings were thifs which stole from many towns and cities around the coast especially around England and France which only would make Norway more hated, but the Vikings also did stuff which benefited Norway. The vikings were the first people who made it to get Norway together to one country, before there were many small tribes which constantly fought with each other. With experience I can say that tribes in modern Africa still exist and make small wars which Norway avoided thanks to the Vikings. The Vikings also made rules in thir society instead of just following their own rules out control there were made rules which has ever snice then staied in Norway so our rules is also thanks to Vikings. The Vikings were the first people to establish traid routes with other countries like England which ever since then has been known traiding routes benefiting Norway with meterials and other important stuff ever since.


"Were the Vikings good for Norway?"
The viking age is considered by many to have formed the basics of Norwegian society. I don't entirely agree with this, but there are a lot of Viking influences in modern Norway. Examples are the norwegian parliament, seafaring etc. Still, were the vikings really good for Norway?
Norway's legacy as a seafaring nation started from the Viking age - taking their ships to discover Iceland, Greenland and even North America (newfoundland), and plundering towns for goods and women. This has made them good at sailing and exploring, whichhas helped Norwegians later with exploring the North and South pole, and Thor Heyerdahl going around the world. Also, the vikings started the system of the Norwegian parliament, the Stortinget. Instead of one person deciding what to do, they decided on what to do together, as a team. This systme and name is still used today in the Norwegian government.
Norway also learned some things from the plundering the vikings did. It learned to respect other countries and not attack them - Norway hasn't been willingly involved in any major wars or conflicts since the Viking age. The language that Norwegians talk also derives from the Norse language, and many names such as "Erik" and "Thor" come from the Viking language. It would take a long time to identify all the viking things in Norway today!"
My conclusion is that the Vikings were good for Norway. It has influenced the country in a positive way, and gave this country a rich, dramatic history. The Vikings were a great part of Norwegian history that brought out Norway to the world.

The Vikings have always been considered a brutal and savage people. They travelled all over Europe and quickly became known for their love of exploration and their seemingly never-ending bloodthirst. However, the Vikings also introduced some good characteristics which are present in the modern-day Norway.

During their 'era' the Vikings travelled across the European continent, and even today Norwegians are still considered to be very adventurous people. Some might not see the benefits, but there are many upsides to this wanderlust. For example, due to the Vikings' constant travelling they were constantly trading with other countries and this brought new materials and metals, as well as foods, to Norway. Therefore we should thank the Vikings for the resources which we have, as well as the excellent trade connections we have with other countries.

Throughout the Vikings' 'reign' they developed a very efficient way of making decisions in their community. Instead of naming one Viking king and letting him decide everything they would have a group which would come together and discuss their ideas before deciding which would be the most beneficial. In this way one situation could be looked at from different angles, and perhaps this is what made the Vikings so successful when they went to battle with other countries. In modern-day Norway we have Stortinget, which is clearly a modified version of the Viking’s ‘Ting’. Although many Norwegians would argue that the political system in Norway is very poor and ineffective, they must obviously be doing something right, as not only is Norway one of the richest countries in the world, but also one of the safest in terms of thievery and murder. As a conclusion for this question I would say that, though the Vikings’ method of coming to an agreement was certainly more violent than modern-day Norway’s, we do owe the basic idea of having a group of people deciding together to the Vikings.
Another aspect to look at is the Vikings’ violent ways. When going on raids they used terrifying methods in order to get what they wanted, and usually they did. This resulted (as previously mentioned) in new materials and resources, but they also became hated by the other countries. Modern-day Norway has probably learnt a little too much from this, as I would consider us to be far too nice. People actually take advantage of the equality, and many survive on a very generous ‘trygd’ without having to work at all. Therefore I’m going to conclude that Norway did learn from the Vikings’ ways, but I would not say that it was a lesson well learnt.

Norway has indeed benefit from the Vikings' passion for exploration, as this is how they made themselves known. Today, Norway has become famous for their notorious Viking raids, and the way seafare has given Norwegians their urge for exploring. However, even though Vikings conquered land and fought in vicious (and from doing so, new weaponry and ships were developed), Norwegians today do not share this brutal way of solving conflicts, thus the Vikings did not necessarily influence Norway in the bad way. In fact, it is from the Vikings that Norway today has its adequately functioning parliament system, called “Stortinget”. It is thought that Norway has learnt not to do what the Vikings did, and instead resumed to a lifestyle which was not as dangerous or intimidating as the one of the Vikings.
Had it not been for the Vikings, Norway would not have fish as one of its main exports and would dubiously excel in economy the way it does today. Clothing styles have also been inherited from the Vikings, and with temperatures plunging beneath -30 C degrees in some places further up north, being able to find good clothes is important. Wool is often used as the best clothing material, though skin of reindeer, is also popular.
The Vikings were good for Norway, because without them Norway would not have learnt how not to behave, and how to efficiently solve national conflicts, and of course to dress in the low temperatures of the winter.


Well you could say that Norway did profit from the Vikings. the viking passion for exploration for it made them into one of the laeding sea and polar exploration nations. Since they contributed so much they are no known as a seafaring nation.